The IIPGH organisational structure consists of the Executive Council, the Advisory Council, the Executive DirectorWorking GroupsSocieties and Women in ICT.
  • Telecommunication professionals: – Engineers, Technicians, Riggers, Technical Managers
  • Radio&Television: – Installation Engineers, designers, technicians, Riggers
  • Phone & Computer Technicians: – Repairers and assembling engineers, technicians
  • Security System installers: – Engineers, designers, installers
  • ICT professionals – Network engineers, installers, and data center analysts, etc.
  • ICT Management
  • Software developers – system analyst and engineers who develop Apps
  • ICT Training Institutions – NIIT, IPMC, Admin Telecom etc…
  • Tertiary Students
  • National Service Secretariat – ICT graduates
  • IIPGH is open to all ICT Professionals across all domains, any other professional with interest in ICT, Students and all stakeholders in the ICT space.
  • A prospective member shall register online and pay annual dues of 200 Ghana Cedis (Professional) or 50 Ghana Cedis (Student) via membership portal https://membership.iipgh.org
  • A person shall be recognized as a general member of IIPGH when he/she is allocated a membership ID; and a certified member when he/she has undertaken IIPGH program certification.

Annual Dues

Professional: 200 Ghana Cedis
Student: 50 Ghana Cedis

Payment Method

Login to your membership profile via https://membership.iipgh.org after registering

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