Who We Are
The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana is a non-profit organisation which is made up of members in various domains of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) practice. The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana has been formed to help tackle the following ICT human resource constraints:

  • Lower skill levels in emerging technologies
  • Generation Technologies
  • Fewer experts in critical areas
  • Lack of practical skills for innovation, research & development
  • Lack of confidence in the human resource capacity across Africa

Our Vision
To become the most reliable partner in ICT development in Ghana and beyond.
Our Mission
To mobilize all ICT professionals under one professional body to positively influence the development, standardization and delivery of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) across Ghana.
Our Objectives
In order to fulfil our vision and mission, the objectives shall include:

  1. Providing a platform for all ICT professionals to converge and network.
  2. Building a credible database of all ICT professionals in the different domains of ICT in Ghana
  3. Partnering government and businesses for new areas of job creation for ICT professionals.
  4. Advocating for the deepening of local participation in ICT sector activities.
  5. Providing professional services and publishing journals on ICT development and strategy in Ghana.
  6. Promoting innovation that would solve our basic societal problems.
  7. Supporting members to take advantage of ICT job opportunities.
  8. Providing education to the general public on ICT and how it can help improve lives.
  9. Training and certifying ICT professionals in various domains.
  10. Becoming the voice of ICT professionals across Ghana

Our Aim

  • To become ICT Human Resource Hub of Africa
  • To become the connector of all the players in the ICT Ecosystem
  • To become ICT Research & Development Hub of Africa
  • To produce ICT entrepreneurs that would develop world class products
  • To make Ghana an ICT destination

We Do This By

  • Mobilizing professionals and developing a credible database in order to identify skills gaps.
  • Creating Standards, Certification and improving quality of ICT Professionals.
  • Giving young people from primary to university an early start to enable them take up ICT as a profession.
  • Influencing policy and creating a strong brand of Ghanaian ICT Professionals
  • Advocating for local participation and strategic positioning at management level