IIPGH Roadshow Commences with Airtel Staff

IIPGH Roadshow Commences with Airtel Staff

The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana (IIPGH) officially commenced its consultative meetings with stakeholders in the ICT industry on the 21st Apr

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IIPGH weekly article published in Today’s B&FT

The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana (IIPGH) officially commenced its consultative meetings with stakeholders in the ICT industry on the 21st April, 2017 at Airtel Ghana. The consultative meetings dubbed “IIPGH Roadshow” is to afford both members and potential members the opportunity to learn about the vision and objectives of the Institute and also to make suggestions that will help shape the Institute before it is officially launched later this year.

During the presentation on IIPGH which lasted for about thirty minutes, the Acting Executive Director, Mr. David Gowu discussed the vision, mission and the objectives of IIPGH. Also, he explained the free registration process, the strategy to grow the Institute and its proposed organisational structure. Mr. Gowu entreated the staff of Airtel to come on board as the Institute is poised to becoming “the voice of ICT professionals across Ghana” as the vision of IIPGH is “to become the most reliable partner in ICT development in Ghana and beyond”, he added.

Contributing to the presentation, Mr. Kuuku Sam, a founding member of IIPGH made it clear to the staff of Airtel that this was a consultative meeting with the aim of soliciting the views of all relevant stakeholders that will assist the Institute in fashioning out its programmes in ways that will meet the needs of ICT practitioners and the ICT industry in Ghana. He therefore urged registered members who are staff of Airtel to “own” the organisation and to participate fully by serving in Working Groups and Societies of the Institute.

Another leading member Mr. Osman Issah in contributing to the discussion stressed the need to create our own standards for the ICT Industry in Ghana. He mentioned that the organization is not opposed to members acquiring other certifications but there is the need to give special focus to the ICT development of Ghana through professional body like IIPGH.

IIPGH, though a non-profit professional body, has a structure that is unique in the sense that part of its organisational design mirrors that of corporate organisations. This design is to ensure that the organisation operates effectively in order to achieve its strategic goals which include the establishment of an Innovation Centre in the next four years. The organization would operate a lean management team of permanent staff and they will be assisted by part time Working Groups which will be made up of members of the Institute. Members will also be organised into societies based on their domain of ICT practice and interest in order to ensure that the professional needs of everyone is addressed.

During the question and answers session which was handled by Mr. David Gowu, with the support of Mr. Kuuku Sam, Mr. Osman Issah and Mr. Alex Ankomah; a number of important issues were raised. These issues include how to get members to be active, incentives for members to publish the finding from their projects and how corporate organisations in the ICT industry can be roped in as corporate members.