Tech Job Fair (TJF) is an annual event that brings together industry players, educators, students, government, and job seekers to understand the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) job roles. The job fair is used to exhibit current ICT-related job openings in various industries and to help other stakeholders to understand the ICT skills needs of employers. This is part of the broader agenda to ensure an enabling environment is created for young people to access decent jobs, so they benefit from the digital transformation agenda of Ghana.

Why Tech Job Fair?

The Ghanaian youth over the past two decades have been exposed to these new and exciting advanced technologies that complement life. However, most of the youths to benefit from the huge tech infrastructure are now just consumers or users of ICT and are not able to get employment from these advanced digital platforms. There are skills gaps that need to be addressed to enable young graduates to be part of the global workforce producing these technologies. To expose the young Ghanaian to some of these emerging technologies, an event such as the Tech Job Fair has been instituted.

Tech Job Fair is a great opportunity to find or change to a new job, learn from the best experts in the IT & digital industry, and network with peers. It provides the avenue to understand the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and development partners of Ghana concerned in creating opportunities related to jobs and the future of work. This among other reasons, the Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana (IIPGH), and its supporting industry partner,, organizes Tech Job Fair.

TJF2022, highlighted opportunities for meaningful jobs in a digital economy, through required skills to access these opportunities, and effective interventions to develop these skills.

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