The IIPGH organisational structure consists of the Executive Council, the Advisory Council, the Executive Director, Working Groups, Societies and Women in ICT. 

Who can become a member
  • Telecommunication professionals: – Engineers, Technicians, Riggers, Technical Managers
  • Radio&Television: – Installation Engineers, designers, technicians, Riggers
  • Phone & Computer Technicians: – Repairers and assembling engineers, technicians
  • Security System installers: – Engineers, designers, installers
  • ICT professionals – Network engineers, installers, and data center analysts, etc.
  • ICT Management
  • Software developers – system analyst and engineers who develop Apps
  • ICT Training Institutions – NIIT, IPMC, Admin Telecom etc…
  • Tertiary Students
  • National Service Secretariat – ICT graduates
How to Become A Member​
  • IIPGH is open to all ICT Professionals across all domains, any other professional with interest in ICT, Students and all stakeholders in the ICT space.
  • A prospective member shall register online and pay annual dues of 200 Ghana Cedis (Professional) or 50 Ghana Cedis (Student) via membership portal
  • A person shall be recognized as a general member of IIPGH when he/she is allocated a membership ID; and a certified member when he/she has undertaken IIPGH program certification.

Annual Dues

Professional: 200 Ghana Cedis
Student: 50 Ghana Cedis

Payment Method

Login to your membership profile via after registering


1. Gain professional recognition
2. Get articles published both in newspapers and online portals
3. Get the opportunity to represent the institute on radio and television progams
4. Get the opportunity to network with other professionals
5. Gain knowledge from our various programs and other professionals
6. Get reference, introductory or recommendation letters
7. Get local and international job opportunities
8. Get opportunity to join a team of experts to consult on projects
9. Gain continuing professional education and development
10. Get opportunity to be mentored by seasoned professionals
11. Get training opportunities

Working with us

Development of ICT across Ghana and beyond

We are open to any cooperation with other companies! We can establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations and become reliable partners.


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