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2021 will see these changes applied and for Ghana and other African digital economies to grow, we must push for enforcement and compliance, and fall in line with the international standard set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).Continue Reading

Internet governance is a very political issue charged with a variety of international key issues. Currently, many countries in the developing world, including Ghana and Nigeria, have active committees working on Internet Governance.Continue Reading

Data is everywhere—from government statistics to the architect creating new concepts of the world through to companies and businesses analyzing historical data for accurate projections. Similarly, the journalist must have access to data to produce reliable news and stories. By this, we mean open data access. This is the ideaContinue Reading

The digital skills sector is ripe for private sector investment and participation. The expression “digital world” is normally used when characterizing digital familiarity and digital education. The digital world is the accessibility and use of digital instruments to convey on the Internet, digital devices, smart devices, and other technologies. ThereContinue Reading

The rapid growth of Internet access and connectivity has paved way for the development of a digital economy across the world. The World Economic Forum estimated in 2019 that 133 million new roles will be created by 2022 as a result of the new division of labour between humans, machines,Continue Reading

Ghana’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector has progressed over the past two decades. Digital technologies are at the forefront of development and provide a unique opportunity for countries to accelerate economic growth and connect citizens to services and jobs. Among the main sectors of investments in Ghana, 65% isContinue Reading

SCRUM is an agile project management framework. In two earlier articles, we explained the advantages of using SCRUM over traditional project management methods in the ICT sector. We also shared our experience with SCRUM in virtual teams and why it helps managers to control their production while working from homeContinue Reading

“Support learning processes creatively and successfully with TinkerToys” With a few more days to the grand opening of the digital design and creative coding hub in Accra, IIPGH together with its partners, Code it! and Tinker Toys from Leipzig, Germany is pleased to showcase what is in store for allContinue Reading

Background Ghana’s Cybersecurity Act, 2020 (Act 1038) was passed by the Parliament of Ghana on 6th November 2020 and assented by President Akufo-Addo into law on 29th December 2020. It is a 68-page document made up of 100 sections and 3 schedules. The sections are grouped into 18 different subjectContinue Reading

The growth of the mobile application (app) industry is on the ascendancy. Using smartphones has increased and serves as a major driver of innovations. Companies have leveraged the capability of the smartphone to lower costs at various levels. Unfortunately, certain elements in society have taken undue advantage of the growthContinue Reading

Is Creative Coding the key to getting all children interested in Computer Science? Two essential questions and challenges that the team of the Code it! learning platform continues to answer, and from experience in teaching computer science, are: How can we spark interest in computer science in all children? HowContinue Reading

Eric Emerson Schmidt once said, “People assume computers will do everything that humans do. Not good. People differ from each other, and they are all really different from computers.” There have been debates on the fundamental nature of the human brain and its similarities and differences with computers. The debatesContinue Reading

Make no mistake about it – the Internet is listening every time you use it! It is important that you understand what you are leaving behind when you use the Internet – visit websites, conduct searches, post on social media, comment on issues, etc. Your digital footprint may contribute toContinue Reading