Emmanuel Gadasu

The growth of the mobile application (app) industry is on the ascendancy. Using smartphones has increased and serves as a major driver of innovations. Companies have leveraged the capability of the smartphone to lower costs at various levels. Unfortunately, certain elements in society have taken undue advantage of the growthContinue Reading

Make no mistake about it – the Internet is listening every time you use it! It is important that you understand what you are leaving behind when you use the Internet – visit websites, conduct searches, post on social media, comment on issues, etc. Your digital footprint may contribute toContinue Reading

The value of data has led to increasing demand for it. Researchers and innovators need a lot of data of all kinds to bring about new products and services, improve service performance and venture into the unknown to bring about disruptions. There are genuine ways institutions collect data. One ofContinue Reading

Why is Data Privacy important? January 28 is Data Privacy Day which is “an international effort to create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust”. Many organizations collect people’s data for various reasons. The digital space has made it easy to collect people’s data. ManyContinue Reading