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IIPGH Holds Workshop on Media Interviews for Members

The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana (IIPGH) organized a day’s workshop on “How to prepare for media interviews on Radio and Television” for its members.  The workshop which was held on Saturday, 14th April, 2018 at the National Information Technology Agency (NITA) conference room was aimed at preparing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals to communicate technical information in plain and simple language via radio and television.

Mr. Kafui Dey, the presenter GHOne TV’s flagship morning show, GH Today, offered 57 tips on how to ace any radio or TV interview.  In his presentation, Mr. Dey who has interviewed over 1,000 personalities on both radio and TV, spoke on the basic preparation required for every media interview. He also coached participants on specific tips required before, during and after radio and TV interviews.

The Public Speaking Consultant advised that before every media engagement, it is important that participants make a plan.  Additionally, He recommended that the interviewee sends a short biography to the interviewer, research the interviewer and his or her station.  “Interviewee must also have his or her key messages which must be rehearsed”, he advised further.

The presenter of former hit TV show, “who wants to be rich”, educated participants on the difference between a radio and a TV interview.  He cautioned participants that for radio, the audio is the only communication channel so the interviewee must ensure that he or she uses a quiet room, turns off all gadgets and has water nearby.  He further cautioned that the interviewee must ensure that call waiting is disabled on his or her phone in order to avoid disturbance from other incoming calls.  According to the media consultant, it is also essential to smile during the interview as research has shown that smiling while speaking on the phone has a direct impact on the tone of the speaker and this will be detected by discerning audience.  He also counselled participant to resist using jargons and technical terminologies that are specific to the ICT profession but rather use short sound bites that can be used for news.

With respect to TV interview, the author of “the A to Z of Public Speaking”, stressed the importance of the interviewee’s appearance. “Do not let your appearance interfere with your words”, he cautioned.  He advised that an appropriate outfit that reflects the profession of the interviewee is always helpful. He educated participants on how to have an interview while sitting and standing.  Participants were also taught how to behave during the interview.  After his presentation, Mr. Dey played several TV interviews which he used as case studies to coach participants on different difficult scenarios that may arise during an interview.

In concluding, Mr. Kafui Dey motivated participants to put the knowledge acquired to good use. He encouraged the members of IIPGH to be proactive in technical discussions affecting national development.  On his part, the Executive Director of IIPGH, Mr. David Gowu, thanked the facilitator for an excellent presentation and assured that the knowledge will go to improve the participation of the members of IIPGH on issues concerning technology and national development.