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The Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana together with its partners Admintelecom Academy, Africa Invent Age, Frize Media,, Wigal solutions and Hover Consult spent an hour with the Science and Maths Club of Achimota Secondary School on the 1st of November, 2017.

The group first met the assistant headmaster and he was briefed about the mission of the group. He was excited about the initiative and said he would be looking forward to more collaboration in the future.

The various partners presented and shared experiences from the ICT industry with the students. They were also encouraged to look around their communities, identify problems and use technology to come up with innovations that can solve those problems.

The students were thrilled to see demonstrations of innovative products by other students from other parts of the world. IIPGH and its partners promised to return to meet not only the science and maths club but all the students.