…A Strategy to Drive Growth among indigenous E-commerce companies   In every business, the human resource is the main driver of the company. For indigenous or local e-commerce companies to efficiently and effectively deliver on their promises, they would need a capable and reliable human resource team to work with.Continue Reading

Packaging is a critical aspect of e-commerce business and even more important in the competitive environment today. This is how the products that are displayed on these platforms are differentiated from the others. Products displayed on e-commerce platforms in Ghana are not just meant for the Ghanaian market. It isContinue Reading

….an opportunity for local innovations. INTRODUCTION Over the past few years, there has been a growing number of e-commerce platforms in Ghana including “Tonaton.com”, ”Jumia.com.gh”, “shopbeta.com.gh” and host of others. The period has seen a significant and encouraging growth in patronage of these platforms.  Often, these e-commerce websites use localContinue Reading