Digital Skills

Oracle Academy & IIPGH organized a coding boot camp for students in Ghana The Digitalisation drive of the Government of Ghana requires digital skills development of the youth to take advantage of new jobs being created as a result of the digital transformation initiatives. To contribute towards developing the skillsContinue Reading

WHAT IS CODING: Coding or Computer programming makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps, and websites. Your browser, your Operating System, the apps on your phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are all a result of coding. IIPGH provides computer programming training to the public, focusing on early start. ONLINE CODING LESSONSContinue Reading

Technology education and skills development should not be the preserve of the affluent in our society, it must be democratized and accessible by all. This is because emerging technology skills are now essential tools for employment in the 21st century and in the next decade may become a requirement for any type of job – David Gowu (Executive Director, IIPGH).Continue Reading

The rapid growth of Internet access and connectivity has paved way for the development of a digital economy across the world. The World Economic Forum estimated in 2019 that 133 million new roles will be created by 2022 as a result of the new division of labour between humans, machines,Continue Reading

Ghana’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector has progressed over the past two decades. Digital technologies are at the forefront of development and provide a unique opportunity for countries to accelerate economic growth and connect citizens to services and jobs. Among the main sectors of investments in Ghana, 65% isContinue Reading

This paper suggests that a “whole government” and more collaborative approach be explored in ensuring the effectiveness of digital service regulation in Ghana. Beginning with stakeholder identification, an agile digital transformation team must be created and equipped with the necessary skills, tools, authority and financial resources with the aim of bringing about effective digital regulation.Continue Reading

Though affordability is a barrier, lack of literacy and digital skills is probably the greatest challenge to reducing this digital gender gap. Reading and writing skills are needed in order to participate online. Free Senior High School education will partially resolve this by getting more girls to develop literacy skills. However, we need to look at literacy training for adult females and a special focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for girls.Continue Reading