WHAT IS CODING: Coding or Computer programming makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps, and websites. Your browser, your Operating System, the apps on your phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are all a result of coding. IIPGH provides computer programming training to the public, focusing on early start. ONLINE CODING LESSONSContinue Reading

Technology education and skills development should not be the preserve of the affluent in our society, it must be democratized and accessible by all. This is because emerging technology skills are now essential tools for employment in the 21st century and in the next decade may become a requirement for any type of job – David Gowu (Executive Director, IIPGH).Continue Reading

The Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana is set to open its long-awaited Digital Design and Creative Coding Hub facility in the first week of May 2021. The digital facility will be opened to the public including artists and creative people, pedagogues, educational and cultural policymakers, local cultural industry enterprises fromContinue Reading