Automation, COVID-19 and Jobs

In an incredibly competitive world where manufacturers and service providers scramble for customers, delivering quality products and services timeously at a relatively cheaper cost is imperative. Many companies are turning to Industrial automation solutions to beat the competition. Robots and other automated systems are transforming the work environment and how Read more…

Safely Re-opening borders through Enhanced Monitoring & Adherence Tracking of Incoming Travelers – A timely solution for West Africa, based on science, data and technology

Summary The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the shutting of borders in most countries across the world, in a bid to slow the spread of the virus. This has seriously impacted all economies globally. Several countries, including Ghana, have instituted a mandatory 14-day quarantine/isolation for repatriated citizens and residents. This Read more…

Digital Transformation (DT) on Warp Speed

Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the question about who is leading the Digital Transformation (DT) in an organization has usually been a tussle between the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) andChief Technology Officer (CTO) / Chief Information Officer (CIO) as ICT gurus argue for or against any of the C-level leaders.

What if the Corona Virus was a piece of software?

We need to be well prepared for any future scenarios whether the viruses are natural, artificially created, or pieces of software. Humanity should behave in a humane manner and value all lives equally and not think in terms of silos called national boundaries. However, within those inevitable national boundaries, communication systems must be able to function independently.

Outbreak of Coronavirus – a threat to Cybersecurity

Verify every information source. There is currently an overload of digitized information on COVID-19 outbreak purporting to be genuine and credible, and so the need to obtain authentic information cannot be over-emphasized. Since not all information out there is factual and correct, consumers of digital services must know who to follow in the cyberspace and where to search for the right information about coronavirus on digital platforms.