A few days ago, the voter registration details of over 15 million Ghanaians were uploaded and circulated through various media platforms via google drive. However, the source of the publication has not been completely verified, and the legal authority to publish this data is equally under discussion. The above statedContinue Reading

As an Information Security Professional, I have taken a keen interest and followed closely the global reports of the Unisys Security Index (USI), for the past 4 years. Findings from the past few years have been very intriguing and insightful. The USI researches into the most critical security issues facedContinue Reading

Verify every information source. There is currently an overload of digitized information on COVID-19 outbreak purporting to be genuine and credible, and so the need to obtain authentic information cannot be over-emphasized. Since not all information out there is factual and correct, consumers of digital services must know who to follow in the cyberspace and where to search for the right information about coronavirus on digital platforms. Continue Reading

According to the Cybercrime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service, Ghana lost over USD 105 million to cybercrime at the end of 2018. These figures are the official records from the nation’s elite unit fighting cybercrime. In the previous year (2017), Ghana lost a little over USD 69 million to cybercrime. These figures could be double compared to what have been reported. This is because most firms do not report breaches due to cyberattack for fear of losing their clients. Continue Reading

Overview The field of Cybersecurity has become one of the most important and lucrative fields in ICT due to the rise of cybercrime rate the last decade. The terms cybersecurity, information security, cybercrime, and computer forensics are often perceived as identical, but they are not. Due to cultural and politicalContinue Reading

Introduction Cybercrime has kept pace with technology advancement but, security practitioners and law enforcement agencies are yet to catch up with the criminals. This article highlights the current cybercrime activities, discusses the motivations behind cybercrime, and outlines steps of reducing cybercrime risks.  Cybercrime Activities The Council of Europe Convention onContinue Reading

Cybercrimes are a real threat and can be extremely inconvenient if you find yourself as a victim. That’s why it is important every citizen of Ghana must put in efforts to be aware of cyber threats throughout the year.  This paper discusses the need for everyone to promote cybersecurity andContinue Reading

Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana (IIPGH) in collaboration with Institute of Cyber Security and Information Assurance (ICIA) organized a very engaging Cyber Security Awareness Workshop and career guidance workshop at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi on 11th April 2018. The well attended workshop made upContinue Reading