A few days ago, the voter registration details of over 15 million Ghanaians were uploaded and circulated through various media platforms via google drive. However, the source of the publication has not been completely verified, and the legal authority to publish this data is equally under discussion. The above statedContinue Reading

Introduction The rapid need for Information Security (IS) in the operations of organizations has led to the formation of Information Security Departments or units (ISDs). ISDs are gradually becoming ubiquitous in organizations due to business requirements, regulations, and legislation. Information Technology (IT) has been an integral part of most organizationsContinue Reading

As an Information Security Professional, I have taken a keen interest and followed closely the global reports of the Unisys Security Index (USI), for the past 4 years. Findings from the past few years have been very intriguing and insightful. The USI researches into the most critical security issues facedContinue Reading

Information Security Governance (ISG) refers to the system through which an organization directs and controls its Information Security (InfoSec) activities. Just like corporate governance, ISG seeks to protect the interest of all stakeholders (shareholders, customers, service providers, government, employees, etc.) of an organization. It ensures the alignment of InfoSec strategiesContinue Reading

Overview The field of Cybersecurity has become one of the most important and lucrative fields in ICT due to the rise of cybercrime rate the last decade. The terms cybersecurity, information security, cybercrime, and computer forensics are often perceived as identical, but they are not. Due to cultural and politicalContinue Reading

Introduction Some organizations and employees tend to relegate the need for proper information security (InfoSec) practices in their day to day activities. This article examines the negative effects of poor InfoSec practices within organizations and the lessons employees and organizations will have to learn from some InfoSec incidents. Information InformationContinue Reading

…. a forgotten critical success factor in Project Management INTRODUCTION Information Security (InfoSec) in Project Management (PM) refers to the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of project information. Scope, time, cost and quality are always considered to be the critical project success factors. On the contrary, with my fewContinue Reading