Introduction The rapid need for Information Security (IS) in the operations of organizations has led to the formation of Information Security Departments or units (ISDs). ISDs are gradually becoming ubiquitous in organizations due to business requirements, regulations, and legislation. Information Technology (IT) has been an integral part of most organizationsContinue Reading

Introduction Business Continuity (BC) is the capability of an organization to continue the delivery of products/services at acceptable predefined levels following disruptive incident [Source: ISO 22300]. BC is extremely important to the survival of any organization in turbulent times. It is crucial for organizations to predict, get prepared for andContinue Reading

Apps and software Prior to the previous article on flipped learning, I will like to delve more into the usage of devices and apps that we can use to enhance flipped learning in schools and organizations. The tools you use really are at the center of the flipped learning ethos.Continue Reading