ICT Tip of the Day - Protecting Yourself Online: Phishing

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ICT Tip of the Day - Protecting Yourself Online: Phishing

I got a comment from a reader on yesterday’s message mentioning phishing so I decided to concentrate on it today.

1.Do not click on suspicious links. If you receive an e-mail from your bank or service provider, please confirm its authenticity.

2. Beware of e-mails that entice you to enter login credentials or verify personal information within a time frame.

3. This may sound trivial but phishers give themselves away by using bad grammar. Look out for that.

4. Examine e-mails carefully. Check the e-mail address closely and the link accompanying the e-mail may usually be different from the organization phishers claim to represent.

I hope this helps.

This tip is brought to you courtesy of the Institute of ICT Professionals, Ghana.

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