2021 will see these changes applied and for Ghana and other African digital economies to grow, we must push for enforcement and compliance, and fall in line with the international standard set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).Continue Reading

The growth of the mobile application (app) industry is on the ascendancy. Using smartphones has increased and serves as a major driver of innovations. Companies have leveraged the capability of the smartphone to lower costs at various levels. Unfortunately, certain elements in society have taken undue advantage of the growthContinue Reading

The value of data has led to increasing demand for it. Researchers and innovators need a lot of data of all kinds to bring about new products and services, improve service performance and venture into the unknown to bring about disruptions. There are genuine ways institutions collect data. One ofContinue Reading

The concept of privacy varies widely among countries, cultures and jurisdictions. It is shaped by public expectations and legal interpretations; as such, a concise definition is elusive if not impossible. Privacy rights or obligations are related to the collection, use, disclosure, storage and destruction of personal data. At the end of the day, privacy is about the accountability of organizations to people about whom they collect data, as well as the transparency to an organization’s practice around personal information. Continue Reading