The National Communications Authority of Ghana on June 8, 2020, declared its intent to classify Scancom Limited (MTN) as a Significant Market Power, exercising its mandate under Section 20 (13) of the Electronics Communications Act, 2008, (Act 775). Whereas this announcement has been met with a divided opinion, this articleContinue Reading

It is therefore prudent that the regulator takes steps to implement the guidelines that comes with the classification of MTN as SMP and ensure the other MNOs are protected and supported to grow. The economy needs all the MNOs to grow with significant share of the telecom economy and market.Continue Reading

It is worth noting that the masts alone do not enable telecommunication services. The telecommunications infrastructure includes components such as masts, base stations, base station antennas, transmission equipment, generators, etc., and this has raised much environmental concerns, especially in the area of Environmental Impact Assessment. Today, it has become a part of the environment to see tall masts in different locations around the country.Continue Reading