ICT Tip of the Day – Libre Office: The Free and Open Source Alternative to Microsoft Office

I know most of us love free things and most of us are using fake Microsoft Office software. As Microsoft clamps down on illegal use of its software, its time to try to Libre Office.

In 2011, the office application suite sprung out of another open source project known as OpenOffice.

Libre Office currently offers a variety of apps like Writer (similar to MS Word), Calc (MS Excel), Impress (PowerPoint), Math (used to create and edit mathematics formulae), Draw (vector graphics editor), and Base (a database management program).

There are two versions of Libre Office which are in continuous development. ‘Fresh’ release comes with all the latest features created for Libre Office, on the other hand, ‘Still’ release is a little behind in terms of features but focuses more on stability.

LibreOffice works on Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can download a copy at https: www.libreoffice.org. The good news is that the document created with LibreOffice can be opened with Microsoft Office.

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