ICT Tip of the Day - EVERNOTE: Your personal data box

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ICT Tip of the Day - EVERNOTE: Your personal data box

Today I introduce to you another great tool called Evernote. Nowadays, we search and store information using a smartphone, tablets, laptops and desktops. We take notes at meetings and search for news and data on the internet that we want to save as reference for our work. How do we ensure that we have all these information readily available to us even wherever we go?

Evernote offers us a solution. The good news is that your data is always updated in realtime. Evernote has three solutions called Evernote basic which is free, Evernote premium which is 8 dollars per month and Evernote business which costs 15 dollars per month.

Evernote can also be used to plan your day or a project. Furthermore, the business version can help in collaboration and managing virtual teams. I recommend this for business executives.

Please check their website at www.evernote.com

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